Sustainable drainage

Our staff have extensive experience in SuDS implementation, policy development, authoring SuDS guidance and carrying out feasibility studies.

We possess the skills to allow us to adopt an integrated multi-disciplinary approach in managing surface water; to address future needs.  We believe that drainage systems should be designed to be multi-functional Рto protect the water environment and provide green infrastructure which can be used as a resource by communities rather than be hidden underground.

We have local experts available to provide input and expertise into all of our projects, and through our knowledge systems, can provide assistance and create bespoke solutions for every situation. Engagement and stakeholder involvement plays a key role in our processes.

Our staff have been involved in developing several guidance documents to support the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 and the development of UK guidance including the CIRIA guidance document, Planning for SUDS: Making it Happen.

The services which we can provide include:

  • Technical advice on SuDS
  • Appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Supporting services to consultants, local authorities, water companies and other organisations
  • Policy development and advice on SuDS
  • Checks and reviews of flood risk projects
  • SuDS training
  • Maintenance advice
  • Advice on national planning policy
  • SuDS inspections
  • Retrofitting feasibility studies
  • Support on producing surface water management plans
  • Water sensitive urban design feasibility studies

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